Hearing Aids

You see the advertisements every week and you probably get tired of throwing mailings that promise ‘50% off MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for 3 days only’ into the trash. When you or a loved one has problems with your hearing, who should you talk to?  Who is the most qualified professional to talk with about your hearing loss? An Audiologist.  An audiologist has the most knowledge about hearing, hearing loss and correction of that hearing loss with digital technologies like hearing aids and other assistive devices. At Audiology Associates of Harrisonburg, you are our first concern. We need to establish what is wrong with your hearing. You need someone trustworthy who can answer your questions, offer expert advice and help you pick the appropriate technology at a price that is affordable.


Hearing aid technologies are only as good as the person programming them. The person testing your hearing and fitting your hearing aid should have expert understanding in the anatomy and function of your ear. They should know how digital technology applies to any ear with hearing impairment. They should have the expertise and integrity to tell you why they are suggesting a certain type of hearing aid and how it relates to your particular hearing loss. The aid has to be in a price range that is affordable to you. Hearing aid manufacturers have many levels of technology in each family of hearing aids. You should be told about all the levels of technology and not just the most expensive one ‘because the highest level is the only level that will help you hear’. Every level of technology comes with its own benefits and limitations but any level that is affordable will help you hear. Companies that offer ‘same day fittings’ are only selling you devices they have on their shelves to get rid of. They haven’t been chosen on the basis of your hearing loss, what will help you the most or what is affordable to you. There should be no pressure and you should feel like the audiologist is working in your best interest.


A competent and thorough hearing evaluation cannot be done across your dining table. Crucial aspects of a diagnostic test can’t be completed in that manner, no matter how convenient it may seem. A dinner table screening is not a valid test and can’t be used medically. It certainly shouldn’t be used to fit a highly advanced device to your ear. The most critical parts in your journey toward better hearing are a diagnostic hearing test and the selection and fitting of your hearing aid. The best results are always achieved when these are performed by a qualified audiologist. Ask any patient of ours at Audiology Associates of Harrisonburg and they will tell you ‘they feel cared for, respected and appreciated’. Each and every one. Come to Audiology Associates of Harrisonburg and let us help you take the guesswork out of hearing loss and hearing aid technology.


Dr. Diane Schwalbach and Dr. Scott Murray